Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Fish Funeral

Allison's fish, Linda, died yesterday. Of course she decides to have the whole funeral thing around the toilet, and even made invitations for everyone:

What? Linda's Funeral
Where? Allison and Claire's Bathroom
When? When I say so.

(she has time commitment problems, I guess.)

Anytime something dies, it really upsets Ethan and he gets very emotional. He spent a lot of time making hearts out of construction paper for Linda. Claire made Linda two pair of construction paper pants. (I have no idea...)

Allison finally announces it's time...so we all gather 'round the toilet. I about busted out laughing when I see the lid up and a construction paper grave marker leaned up against it! I wanted to run and get the camera, but I thought maybe it wouldn't be appropriate. It said:

You were a good fish!

So, Steven scooped Linda out of her tank with the net thing and we all say something nice about her. Ethan is getting very weepy. Steven walks over to the toilet from the counter where the sinks are and dumps her in the toilet and Ethan REALLY starts to cry. Steven looks at Allison and asks, "Who's going to flush?", and before he can finish, "You or me?", Claire is leaping into the air trying to fly over Steven and yells, "I WILL!", like it's a really fun ride at Six Flags or something. Allison decided to flush, and Ethan, who I've had my arm around, starts totally bawling and turns around to grab and hug me and almost knocks me to the ground! I finally got him calmed down and had him lay down in our bed and he fell asleep almost immediately.

Out of respect for Linda, the girls won't use their toilet now, so they've been using ours ever since. There are TWO other bathrooms they could use, but what's the fun in that since there wouldn't be any reason to jump around and try to hold it in until Mommy or Daddy is finished? It's amazing how perfect their timing is! lol!


Odd Mix said...

I think I saw this in a sitcom once! Too funny, though.

Poor Ethan. Hope he feels better.

LoriLaurieLauri said...

Yeah, it reminded me of the one they did on the Cosby Show a long time ago...lol!

Gina said...

Oh my gosh, how amazing is this story. Thank you thank you for sharing this! OH, and I saw that Cosby episode!

lindiepindie said...

That's funny. Please make them pick another name for their next fish! :o)