Thursday, November 16, 2006

There's a new Target in town!

I thought you people were my friends...but no one even told me a Target was even being built here, much less already opened! I had to discover it all on my own. Well, Allison actually told me about it...and when she did, the first thing I did was load her up in the Jeep and go check it out! We may have actually been the first customers. Or at least there on the first day it opened, because these pictures were taken about 7:00pm, and I'm pretty sure we were the only people in the store besides the employees. Check out the parking lot and store front...

There is a big stone wall off to the right with a giant hole in it (yes, it was built that way on purpose) that Allison loves to climb through! lol!

Yeah, so I took these pictures right before Halloween and I'm only getting them up now...oh well. But...this is Gormet Candy Corn. Huh? I wonder if it actually tastes better than regular candy corn. I don't know, because I'm not willing to be the taste tester there.

As if the Gourmet Candy Corn wasn't bad enough, check out the Candy Corn Soda! Eeewww! That makes my stomach rebel just thinking about it! Allison bought some though, with her own money, because she thought it would be so wonderfully delicious. She wouldn't admit that it really was gross, but, I'm thinking she was glad it was only a 4-pack! lol!

For some reason, it's not technically a "Super" Target. Although, it does have a Starbucks and check out this "Aisle of Chocolate", aka, "The Chocolate Wall"! I heard the angels singing as I walked down this row. How can this NOT be a Super Target???


s@bd said...

we are -happily- target-free in my neighbourhood. (that would be Canada)

LoriLaurieLauri said...

Oh my gosh. Have you ever been to a Target? Because once you have experienced that...especially alone, without children, how could you live "happily-targt-free"? lol!

When my husband was being recruited for several jobs, I had only 2 questions: 1) Is there a Super Target? 2) Is there a Starbucks? I did have a #3, which was 'Is there a Barnes & Noble?', but, that wasn't as important because I figured if there was no B&N, there would be a lot of smaller bookstores...I would hope, anyway! lol!

Kelly said...

There was a super target built 1/2 mile from my old house. I swear when I moved far away from it, my bills dropped by

BTW...Thanks for the visit and the nice comments on my blog!

Elizabeth K said...

Oh how I love Target. There is one down the street from me and I have to make myself not shop there every day.

It was remodeled last year and is now nearly a super Target. There is a small freezer/fridge case and wine, but no produce, deli, or Starbucks.