Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Shopping with Mom

I've never really done the 'antiqueing' thing, but lately I've been very interested in things like vintage aprons...and teapots (?). I don't know...

Anyway, last Wednesday, the first thing we did when she got here was go to this little place that is probably about a mile from my house. It's a shop called Handmade somethingorother, and I thought it would just be some handmade toys, jewelry, stuff like that.... But, it's one of those places where people rent out little booths and keep their stuff there. It could be anything! And not even hand made! But I found a lot of old, crocheted (is that how you say it?) doilies and things, and several vintage aprons. I did good...all I bought was 3 aprons, but I'll probably have to go back for more! lol!

All of the aprons are my favorite for different reasons. I love this pink one with the little orange flowers, because it looks so dainty, yet everyday. It must have been for a lady who was very petite and tidy...probably didn't even need an apron because she never made a mess, and cleaned as she went along. Just minimally practical-only one pocket, and I really think she only wore this just in case she actually spilled a drop of something. (This must have been my mom's apron! lol!)

This white one with the purple flowers is nice...things like these are usually saved for special occasions, but nothing special enough ever REALLY comes up so it's never worn, but this one does have some use. I'm thinking it was used on Sunday's, or any day she just wanted to feel pretty. It's so sheer! And there aren't even any pockets!

This green one was quite the workhorse! It's made of a heavy cotton fabric, and the bottom is a row of 3 pockets! My kind of apron-I LOVE pockets...on anything! This one was worn all the time-day in and day out, only taken off long enough to wash and dry. It even has a couple of holes! Very worn and, if not loved, very appreciated. It really reminds me of my grandma. She ALWAYS had on an apron, and they usually looked something like this one.


LoriLaurieLauri said...

I just have to ask...why does Blogger post some of my pictures TWICE??? I even deleted out one of the green ones, yet it still posted twice!

vicci said...

Oh I love aprons Lauri..these are great! My favorite is the top one also...I think we all need to wear more aprons!