Monday, May 22, 2006

Went to Austin on Saturday...

I had to check out a store I have heard about-Moxie and the Compound. Very Cool store! Ethan even liked it...he asked me if I could, "drop him a few bucks"! lol! Guess he found something he liked. And I found LOTS of stuff I liked, but didn't buy anything. Can you believe that?!?

Drove around and showed the kids where I was born and stuff-they thought that was really cool...especially how they turned a hospital into condos! lol! Almost 40 years of progression...anything can happen, I guess. lol!

Stopped at the outlet mall in San Marcos on the way home. Everyone got new shoes EXCEPT FOR ME. I even had some on my feet and was walking around in them. Then I put them back in the box and carried them around for a while. Then decided I didn't really need them. Can you believe THAT?!?

*Go ahead-I'll give you a moment to catch your breath and get your heartbeat back to normal.*

Sunday...well, I, ALONE, spent about 3 hours in JoAnn's. Then Steven called and needed me to get milk on the way home, so I had to stop at Target. There went another couple of hours, dontcha know. Then it was time to meet my friends at Starbucks, and we were there until 10:00. I think I saw the kids all of about 45 minutes yesterday.

This week is crunch time, though. The last 4 days of school. I'm trying to make something special for all of Ethan's teachers and therapists at school, so I've got my work cut out for me these next few between doctors appointments, award ceremonies and other various school events. Two of which, one for Ethan and one for Allison are scheduled for the EXACT SAME TIME. How am I supposed to pull that one off???

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