Sunday, May 28, 2006

So this is what I've been doing...

Bottle feeding a kitten!

Last Tuesday was like a day out of another universe. The Jeep (Cherokee) was in the shop, and a guy Steven works with was supposed to give him a ride to work. Well, he forgot. the kids off to school, I got dressed and got my stuff together-because I had to stop by the post office and mail off an order, then be somewhere by 10:00-then Steven, Claire and I take off for Valero. While we are driving down Blanco Rd. (a very busy, main road, right before we get on the highway) we see this tiny kitten crawling from the sidewalk up into the grass, like she has just crossed the street...on her way to Super Target, cuz this cat knows where it's at! lol!
So Steven yanks the car over, tells me to get out and get the kitten and he will drive around and meet me in the parking lot. When I get to her she is about as scared as she can be. Her white parts are grey. I checked to see if I can feel if anything was broken, and it all seems ok, so I picked her up, brought her to the car, and we went back down Blanco road to the vet. We dropped her off there to get her all checked out.
Dropped Steven off at work, went by the post office, then Steven calls with news about the Jeep. It can be shocked back to life for $3500.'s almost 10 years old and MAYBE we could get $800-$1000 for it on a good day. Steven wants to take out a loan to pay for the repairs. Um,'s almost 10 years old and MAYBE we could get $800-$1000 for it on a good day! If I'm making payments on something, it's gonna be new and under warranty! Because, make no mistake, there will be more going wrong with this car.
So...I went car shopping and...are you ready for this???
I GOT MY WRANGLER!!! *doing the Wrangler dance* The car I have been dreaming about for decades! Black Jeep Wrangler Unlimited-with a hardtop! And I cannot believe I haven't taken a picture of it yet! The kids are kinda freaked out though...Wranglers don't have electric door locks and windows and they have never lived in this kind of world. Claire still thinks if she can just push hard enough or in the exact right spot on the handle that you use to manually roll down the window, it will roll down itself! lol! And I have just really put Allison out by making her wait for me to get to it and unlock the door with the key, and not just unlock the door from half a parking lot away and let her get in first! This kids have absolutely no idea how spoiled they are! lol! But, they love it in spite of it's shortcomings, and I am now set for life! And I did it all before I turned 40! lmao!
I'll have to take a picture of the Jeep later, but, here are some of Molly the Kitten...
I love the little black smudge on her nose!

Here's a good one of her back, so you can see how fuzzy she is and all of her spots.

And one more of her face. Allison was trying to hold her so I could get a good shot, but she really didn't want any part of it...look at her legs, trying to get away! lol!

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vicci said...

oh my God.....we are on the same plain...that's for sure! Look at my blog!!!! I am kitten crazy now! Did you get the books???? Your little kitty is too cute! I love the black and white!!!