Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Conversations with Allison???

OK-I really thought the girl was smarter than this...or at least knew me better. And Mom, don't hit your head on the desk while you are laughing so hard you fall out of the chair!

Blah, blah, blah...Claire and I are talking about things she plays now, and things I used to play/pretend when I was little...and mind you-there was NO RELIGIOUS talk at all!

Allison: Mom, didn't you ever pretend like you were a nun?

BWAAAHAAHAAHAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Steven falls down to the to the ground in the parking lot at Michael's, where is where we were. He almost didn't recover.

Don't get me wrong...I was a very good kid, and truly hope that my kids turn out just like me. I never drank, smoke, used drugs, or anything like that. But...I did question things, had my own opinions and had no problem voicing them at any given moment, which I think scared my mom because most of them were not hers. I want to clarify here that she DID NOT have bad opinions, they were just different; and, to her, you didn't question authority. But, when authority is an idiot, I can't stay quiet. We are the CLASSIC Nature vs. Nurture Study Family! Definitely coming out on the side of nature, no matter how hard my mom and dad tried to make us nurture! lol! And some of my strongest, most passionate beliefs go completely against the Catholic Church, in which we were raised, AND which I still consider myself to be.

But, if I were ever to walk into a nunnery and announce that I was going to become a nun, they would all faint dead away, losing all of their faith wondering why Jesus had challenged them with THIS burden, because they would know that God gave them WAY MORE than they could handle...because I would NEVER give up my rights to be Pro-Choice; I will ALWAYS believe a gay or lesbian or homosexual (whatever you want to call it-but it better be in a good way) marriage is just as good and valid as my marriage is to Steven; I would NEVER be subservient to ANY man, Priest, God or Husband-not to mention then population of men in general-most of which have IQ's lower than mine, and I'm not even going to go into morals. Most of all, I could never walk around with my head bowed to anyone or any thing. I am Lauri Smith...a decendant of Fred Jack Smith. We have egos that can't even be measured they are so high off the charts...ok, so maybe the nurture part did have some affect! My Aunt Carol and my Mom will second and third me on this!

Ummm...what was the whole point of this post anyway? Oh being a nun. HA! Still can't get over that...I will laugh about that one as long as I live! EVERYONE knows I was going to be a "Commercial Lady"!


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I could never make a good nun either, even though Episcopalian ones can get married. I have a few too many differences with most organized religions.