Monday, April 23, 2007

Rough Day/Dear Dr. Dilley

I was told I am a bad mother by Allison's asthma specialist. He says I care more about Ethan and his needs than I do about Allison's. How does he know this? He knows because, when I took her to see him the other day because she was SICK, her lung function was down to only 54%...lower than it was the first time we saw him for a well-visit and she was healthy. Well, excuse me but, um...DUUUUUUUUHHH!!! SHE WAS SICK!

Dear Mr. Asthma Doctor:

When asthmatics get sick...catch a cold in Allison's case...their lung function goes down. And guess what? Their mother's really don't have much control of the germs, bacteria and viruses floating around in the air, especially out in public!

Lauri Smith-a mother who loves boys more than girls

Anyway...this all goes back to a letter we got on Friday, from Ratner, Dilley & Associates, LLP, stating:

"Please be advised that we will no longer be able to treat your child as a patient. All scheduled appointments have been canceled."

This came out of the blue Friday afternoon, so of course there was no one we could talk to until today. Finally, after several calls, Dr. Dilley finally called me back and asked what I needed, like he didn't know. I asked why they were dropping Allison as a patient, and that was the reason. Because I obviously was not following his directions for her meds and her lung function was too low, and that I care more about my "special needs son" than I do her.

Well, dammit! I made her cut her smoking back to only one pack a day! She still needs to use her inhaler, too? Geesh! And because dust in the house has a bad affect on her lungs, I make sure she dusts everything at least every other day. I thought I was doing good!

Dear Mr. Asthma Doctor:

Even when asthma patients are taking their maintainence meds, they can still get sick, and need a little extra medical intervention; which I was doing on the day you decided I was an unfit parent and could no longer treat my daughter.

Very Sincerely,
Lauri Smith-a mother who has done more than her fair share of Asthma, ADD, ADHD, Bipolar, Dyslexia and Schizophrenia research.

Dr. do not have a "God Complex". You have something much, much worse. After speaking with you on the phone this afternoon, I have realized that you truly believe you are so much better than everyone else. That you know all. That you know all about me, my family and our life situation after only 2 fifteen minute visits in your office, and that you are able to make judgements about what kind of mother I am. God does not even judge like this...and that is what makes you so much worse. The thing is, I thought you were a good doctor-I respected and trusted you and thought you were good at what you do. However, you have shown your true colors and I no longer have any respect, much less trust, for you as a doctor or a man; and you can't get any lower than that.

Very Truly Sincerely,
Lauri Smith-a mother who loves and guards her children more fiercly than you could ever imagine.


Elizabeth K said...

That doctor is a total ass. I hope you will be able to find someone that is an actual person and not just a tool.

kirsty said...

Thank goodness he showed his true colours BEFORE you had paid off his Mercedes!!
Go you Good Mother!!

Monica said...

A heart-less, brain-less doctor! That's a bad thing. I hope Allison is feeling better, and that you find a really good and human doctor soon.

Drewzel said...

What a turd.
He. Can. Kiss. Your. Arse.

Hope Allison's cold gets better.

Lauri said...

Thanks everyone! Allison is doing better, and we've been checking into other asthma specialists...apparently there is a really good one that is basically around the corner (ok, a few corners)from us. I even pass by there on my way to Krispy Kreme! lol!

andie said...


They can shoveit up my ass when they are done with yours!!!!

beki said...

What a freaking asshole! You didn't need that dick head. I'm sure there are better Dr's around.

you da mom! said...

what a dumbass. i could think of about 10 more suitable descriptors, but i'll try to keep it clean (ish). i can't believe that crap! i can't even comprehend how someone could be so cruel and i think i would definitely have to destroy his office or at least key his car after that! you handled yourself well!

Wende said...

Oh, my!! Speechless. I'm so sorry you've had to deal with his arrogance and idiocy while your child sick. Here's to finding a better Dr. ASAP!

And, plu-leese... what does he know about mothering?

you da mom! said...

oh yes, and i've tagged you!