Monday, April 16, 2007

How did this happen?

I've been made a "Featured Artist" on the ZNE website! Is someone out there still playing April Fool's jokes??? Because did I get in with this great group of artists? All the ones I stalk and worship? Go check this out!

All I keep thinking is, in the words of 'Frank Barrone', Raymond's dad on "Everybody Loves Raymond"...Holy crap!
Thank you, Chel!!!

In family news: I am now the 'Mother of a Teenager'! Isn't that a whole new stage of life? Somehow or other, last week zipped by in a flash! Then, over the weekend, I was only home long enough to sleep. And now Allison is sick and we have an appointment with the asthma specialist tomorrow. Poor thing-I feel so bad when she is like this, because there is just nothing I can do! Hopefully, the doctor can help tomorrow.


Michelle said...

The mother of a teenager? You look far too young to have a teenager.

Congrats on the Featured Artist! How wonderful for you!

Lauri said...

Michelle-You CRACK ME UP!!!