Thursday, April 19, 2007

munkeepod Blog

Let's hear it for my friend, Gayla! She actually got the blog part of my munkeepod website going! I do have a post over there, so, those brave souls who are willing to be my guinea pigs...would y'all mind checking it out and make sure you can find it and leave comments and all that stuff? It doesn't seem as easy as Blogger and I hope I can figure it all out.

Anyway, you can try this link..., if that doesn't work, go to then at the top of the page, click on "munkeepod blog". I would really appreciate it! And if there are any problems, let me can leave comments here or on ArtSmith. Thanks!


Lori said...

Hey Lauri! Very cool about Munkeepod finally being launched! YAY for Gayla!

Now, how do I order that purse for Melissa??? lol on my name and go read my latest blog.

Lauri said...

You have a blog now? Again? Yea!

And I swear...I haven't forgotten! Just slow...