Thursday, August 30, 2007

Planning is in progress...

For a Fairy Party for Claire's birthday. Just realized she is having one of those the day before yesterday. I have all these ideas in my head, so I hope I have time to get them actually made! Does anybody know where I can find some little plastic fairy figurines? You little Army men?

I've gotten some wooden dowels with stars on the end, some spray paints and all different kinds of ribbons to make wands with. There will only be a few...ok, 6, girls here, and I'm planning on making them very simple white cotton gowns with a fairy or two embroidered on the front (and I'm wondering if I should have some ribbons draping down the back) and hopefully Party City will have some rhinestone crowns, because Target sure doesn't! I still can't believe that. But, I did find some very cute little diaries in the dollar section at Target last night, and those will go in their goodie bags.

She really wants a sleepover, but, I also know that kids that age rarely make it through the night at someone else's house, so, rather than making a bunch of phone calls at 2:00 in the morning, we are just having the party until 10:00 at night, then they can all go home then. Allison and one of her friends will be doing the girls' make-up and nails, and I need to figure out some kind of movie for them. I was thinking Tinkerbell, but, then I remembered it isn't "Tinkerbell", it's "Peter Pan"! lol! But, maybe I can find something that is fairy related. AND, since I already have GOBS of beads and all of that stuff, we are also going to make bracelets. I just want to see if I can find a little fairy charm.

I think fairies need cupcakes, but Claire really thinks she needs just one big cake, lol! So, we found one of those, and I'll have to make some pink punch or lemonade or something...preferably with bubbles.

And moving on...I was a bad mommy the other day. Now I'm a bad daughter. My mom's birthday was yesterday, and I forgot to call! But I think I would have remembered if I could have stayed awake past quarter to five! Happy Belated Birthday, Mom! I have your present, and I'm trying to make the kids finish the one they started for Dad...then I can pack them up and mail them together. Maybe even by Columbus Day!

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