Thursday, March 24, 2005

All she has to do is look at me!

I have a deal with Allison . . . if she gets straight A's on her report card, she gets $20. Plus, she can get her ears pierced again . . . she wants them double pierced.

So they get report cards today, and she has all A's and one B.

She just keeps looking at me with that beautiful, perfect little face and those beautiful, perfect blue eyes . . . "Can I have $15, at least?" "Can I please get my ears pierced anyway?" . . . and I want to give her EVERYTHING! She is such a good kid - the best, actually - and she deserves it all!

But then am I a bad mom for giving in???

I just want her to know how much I truly love her!

Maybe we can compromise . . . $15 or ear piercing. (And I know she will choose the piercing!) That won't make me a bad mom, will it???

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