Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Conversations with Claire...about the police

Claire: Mommy, do the police capture little boys and girls?

Me: Well, if the kids are bad, the police can catch them, but if they are good, they have nothing to worry about.

Claire: *looking a little concerned* Oh.

Me: Claire - do you have anything to worry about?

Claire: Nnnooooo.

Me: Do I need to call Jacks?

Claire: No!

*fast forward a few minutes, to when I pick the phone up off of my bed to return it to the base*

Claire: Mommy! What are you doing? Who are you calling???

Me: I'm not calling anybody . . . I'm just putting the phone back.

Claire: *visibly relieved* Oh! I thought you were calling Jacks!

I'm pretty sure she has a guilty conscience.

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