Saturday, March 19, 2005

San Antonio and Stuff

It's Spring Break, so we headed to San Antonio last Tuesday. (What was that? The 15th?) Anyway, it takes Ethan his usual 3 days to settle in, so it was Friday before he was normal again. We will go back to Houston tomorrow (Sunday), so it will be Wednesday before he settles down there.

Our house is now being framed. Pretty exciting for the kids! lol!

Today, we took them to Pedernales Falls - their first hiking trip. They actually loved it, and did much better than I had even hoped! Of course, Steven did most of his rock hoping while carrying Claire, but we all had a great time. Ethan wants us to "Hurry up and sell that damn house!" so we can live in San Antonio all the time! lol!

Oh! Had my first foray into eBay and lost. Waaahhh!

Went to Steven's new office . . . that was pretty cool.

And Allison is now drying her own hair! So yee-haw . . . more freedom for me! lol!

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