Monday, October 09, 2006

School Holiday=Ice Cream

Sprinkles anyone?

Today was a school holiday. I think they actually needed it...we all just sort of lounged around all day. Ethan especially, which is unusual for him, so I'm thinking he REALLY must have needed it!

On Friday, Ethan actually got ANOTHER "good phone call home", because he completed a cursive writing 'class' that he actually volunteered to take all on his own, because he wanted to improve his handwriting. I knew that he was learning to write in cursive, which I was shocked about to begin with because that's a 3rd grade thing, and he is in 2nd. But then to find out he actually asked on his own if he could do it? I had NO idea...until the Principal called on Friday to inform me of that, and to tell me that the Cursive Writing Teacher said that Ethan has The Best cursive handwriting she has EVER seen in a 2nd grader! Whoo-hoo Ethan! We have always told him how great his cursive writing is, because is actually really beautiful and perfect! Getting outside confirmation of that is really great though. I personally think it is so nice because he doesn't have to pick up his pencil, then put it back down again to start another's more like drawing. One of his Learning Disabilities has to do with his not being able to, or at least having a VERY hard time with tracking. So whether it's reading or writing, he has a very hard time going back to where he was once his eyes move away. BTW...his printing his hideous and practically unreadable, so this is just a wonderful accomplishment!

ANYWAY...all that to explain why we had all of that ice cream, hot fudge and sprinkles in the house. Friday evening we had a celebration for Ethan's accomplishment by making our own ice cream sundaes. We all raised our spoons and clinked a toast to Ethan's Cursive Handwriting! lol!

So today, Ethan and Claire wanted to make their own sundaes again. Which was great for me, because I got to lick the hot fudge spoon! lol!

Here's a shot of Claire eating her ice cream and sprinkles. Or should I say, her sprinkles with a little ice cream to go with them?

And a shot of Ethan's hand spooning ice cream into his mouth so fast, it's just a swoosh!

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Mom101 said...

What a cruel photo to post for a pregnant lady! I suppose your awesome comment at my place will have to compensate for it. (and lord woman, how many blogs do you have? I hardly knew where to cmment! Just closed my eyes, pointed I am.)