Monday, October 23, 2006

She's taking lessons from Ethan...

Claire and subtlety mix about as well as oil and water. You always know right where you stand with her, you always know exactly what she wants...basically, she doesn't hold anything back so you always know exactly what she is thinking at any given moment.

Apparently she has been taking lessons on this from Ethan.

This morning, after I got Al and E off to school, I did something I never do...I flopped back down on my bed and thought I would watch the news, because I think the last time I saw any local or national news at all, was the day Meredith Viera took over the Today Show. The last thing I remember is reaching for the remote control.

I swear I must have a brain tumor or something...1) I ALWAYS make the bed AS SOON AS I get up. It's totally compulsive, and I cannot do anything else until the bed is made. And this morning, I didn't make it, which made it very easy to flop back into. 2) I ACTUALLY FELL ASLEEP WHEN THE SUN WAS OUT! Ethan and I are both roosters; we cannot sleep during the day. It's impossible. But...I did today and that means I must be sick...very sick.

So anyway...Claire comes in and asks me to make her some popcorn. I'm sure I mumbled something about, " right there...whatever.", and Claire went back to doing whatever it was she was doing before. Apparently, her popcorn wasn't arriving so, she came back in telling me I needed to get up and asking for more popcorn. Then she says, "Here, let me turn on the TV to make you stay awake." lol!

So I got out of bed, washed my face, put on some clothes (because if I don't do it before I leave my room, I'll end up in my pajamas all day) then started making the bed. However, Claire's plan to get me downstairs and making her popcorn wasn't working fast enough, so she devised a new plan...Plan B.

So...I'm standing there making the bed and Claire walks in, holding the box of popcorn in her hands and says, "Hey! Let's play like we are a popcorn making company!"

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!


textile_fetish said...

Oh my good lord! She is brilliant. Start reading up on the talented and gifted program.

You must be sick. Thinking you could go back to bed. And watch tv??

s@bd said...

she's awesome.

and are you okay?