Thursday, February 23, 2006

Any other week...

Allison went back to school yesterday, for the first time since last Thursday. She came home from school running a 102 degree fever. Ugh! This morning however...nothing. WTH? Either be sick or get well! lol! I'm really trying to finish getting stuff ready to bring to the museum tomorrow to see if I'm good enough to get into an exhibition, so I'm really running out of time. I told Allison if she can just hang on until tomorrow afternoon, THEN I can take her to the doctor. Her lungs are fine, though. I think it's just a sinus infection-which, will probably need some antibiotics to clear up. Of course, she's allergic to all the normal stuff, and we are down to the sulfa drugs, which taste AWFUL, but she won't swallow a pill...but for right now Motrin and Tylenol are keeping her comfortable.

Other than that...I'm just beating my head against the wall. And I need canvases.

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