Monday, February 06, 2006

The Weekend

It was a blur! I remember taking the girls and meeting Steven and Ethan for breakfast at Mama's Cafe after Ethan's Tae Kwon Do class Saturday morning. But after that...I don't think I remember anything until last night!

We did get the playset built and standing we just have to cement it into the holes Steven had to dig to level it. Of course, that's not stopping our kids from climbing up there! lol! They LOVE it! (I wouldn't let anybody else's kids up there yet, though.)

OH! Allison and I finally found a library! I thought the Kingwood library was bad, but this one isn't even as good as that. Although, you can check out as many as 50, yes, FIFTY, books at a time! Holy cow. Where would I put them all?

This morning, while we were at the bus stop, Claire looked up at the sky and said, "It looks like a good day to go get doughnuts!" And I agree. lol! So I made a bargain with her...we can get doughnuts if she will be good at Wal-Mart while I get some black fuzzy fringe to finish a thing. A friend of mine was saying the other day that she didn't get her Valentine's Day cards (that Krispy Kreme is giving away everytime you buy a dozen doughnuts) when she bought doughnuts last week. I'm thinking that's because they have given them all to us! lol!

I'll leave you with a Conversation with Claire:

Claire: (hanging on to Steven's leg) Daddy, I think your leg has a girlfriend.

Steven: And who would that be?

Claire: ME!

Steven: Yes, Ophelia! I love you too!


Lori said...

Lauri! You and Steven breed the most incredibly intelligent, beautiful and hysterical children!!! LOLOL

But I'm a bit worried about the fact that you don't remember almost a full 24 hours....

mama_tulip said...

"I think your leg has a girlfriend."

LMAO!! I love it. :)

my vintage days said...

Hi Lauri,
I made it over finally.
Your claire sounds like a cracker jack...LOL

Odd Mix said...

When I get home in the evening I will often find a child wrapped around each if my legs sitting on my feet. they think it is really great if I walk like that and act as though I wonder why my feet feel so heavy. :)

Kripy Kreme! MMMMMMMMM!
I like them best when they at hot at the bakery store. I think I could litterally eat a dozen with a quart of cold milk!

bart said...

just a little obtuse interjection here... claire's commentary is worth millions...

be glad of the little things of life... the larger ones can be so far and few in between or perhaps even non-existant, but these you get for free, if you're loving and perceptive enough...