Sunday, February 26, 2006

Conversations with Claire

Background: I had a few different types of fringe stuff I was playing with and trying to figure out which one to frame my collage with. Once I picked the one I wanted, there were 2 left over.

Claire: Mommy, are you using this one?

Me: No.

Claire: So I can have it?!?!?!

Me: Nnooo. I mean I'm not using it right now, but I will in the future.

Claire: (in her deadly serious, looking up at you like you are an idiot face) Mom. There is no future.

*Make sure you link over to ArtSmith for a picture of the collage and photograph I entered in the art thing. They aren't up right now as I'm typing this (11:00 am) but I'll get them up in a little bit.

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