Friday, February 17, 2006

So we go to Starbucks between Dr.'s Appointments

Because, really, what else is there to do? We met Steven there for lunch, and the girls are sitting there coloring because, being the smart mommy I am, I have crayons in my backpack. But I'm not SO smart, because I don't have any paper, so they are making do with napkins, and, VOILA! Altered Napkins! lol!

So anyway, the real story here is "Claire and her Orange Skirt". Orange is her absolute favorite color, and when I saw this skirt the other day I HAD TO get it. I knew she would love it! And she does! She wears it all the time, with any and everything...and it's adorable! Below are pictures of "The Skirt"...

The picture below is to show you how "twirly" it can be...

So...we get to Starbucks and walk in and Steven is already there waiting for us. Of course, he makes a comment to Claire about how cute she is in her skirt. And, unbeknownst to me, Claire is also wearing her new Curious George panties, which she is also very proud of! So, as soon as Steven tells her how cute she is, she yells, "Oh Daddy! And look!" she grabs the bottom of her skirt with both hands and flaps it all the way up over her chest like a Vegas dancer or something and, still yelling..."Curious George panties!!!"

Everybody is trying not to bust out laughing while I'm going, "Yeah, nice Claire. Put your skirt down."

Then we got our stuff, went and sat down in the comfy chairs and enjoyed our time until Mr. Very Important Doctor came in...actually stoped and glared at us, because we were obviously in HIS SPOT, so he went and sat at a table next to us. Then, Ms. Very Important Doctor came in, DID THE SAME EXACT THING, and went and sat with him. I was actually facing them and got to watch all of the muttering and glaring over at us the whole time we were there. And nooooo, I didn't stretch out our visit at aaalllllllll, making them suffer in the land of the 'not so important'. pppfffffft! When we left, they about peed and tripped over themselves to get to those see, it was a win-win all around! :)

*The girls' artwork is posted on ArtSmith if you want to check it!*


Lisa said...

What cute girls , I love Claire's orange skirt .
I am envious of the summer like clothing !!!

I cannot believe people think that they have the right to look down their nose at someone . I just do not understand .

Have a great day !!!

Enjoy your weather !!!

Hayley said...

You mean to tell me you didn't see the "Reserved For The Elite DOCTORS ONLY" sign?

E~Claire...what a trip! She would have my sides aching, no doubt!

Have a good weekend!


Tree said...

Hahaha oh my gosh what a sweetheart she is! The only reason my kids haven't pulled that is that they're boys!
I ADORE her orange skirt. I want one, too!
And just let me echo Lisa's sentiment about the summer clothing. The flip flops made me ache with yearning.

vicci said...

That Little Claire is so dang cute!!! I love her skirt...and orange is a really a cool color! How darling...her curious george panties!!! I love the pic of the girls coloring...

bart said...

lovely photos... the girls are gorgeous, just like my own ;-)