Friday, February 03, 2006

Conversations with Claire...and other stuff

*Driving home down Blanco Rd., we pass this tiny little field of goats...every single day. Not like she's never seen them or talked about them before...*

Claire: Look Mom! Camels!

Me: Claire, those are goats!

Claire: Oh. They look like camels.

And the thing is, they're like miniature goats, too! rofl!

Other conversations overheard from the backseat:
Claire: Uugggghhhhh! I HATE the sun! It's ALWAYS shining in my EYES! I wish it would go away!
Ethan: Yeah Claire, I know you don't like it but, if the sun went away, we would go into a second Ice Age and ...blah, blah, blah...spouting of facts about Ice Ages that I don't understand.

Plans for the day today:
Claire and I are joining some friends for a 'playdate' (I hate that word) at an art studio for kids. They are actual art teachers who introduce kids to the "Master's" of art, pottery, and stuff like that. This is a one time deal, but, they also have scheduled classes every week. If this is good, I think I might take Claire kind of regularly. At her age, the parent has to stay, so maybe I could learn something too! lol!

Oh, and yesterday evening, Allison and Claire made cupcakes. Devil's Food with Cream Cheese icing! Somebody please save me before I eat every single one of these!!!


vicci said...

Out of the mouths of babes!!! Tylene..who will be 9 in July says to me the other day..."Mom-Mom" (thats what she calls me)...."Mom-Mom" I know what sex is!!!??? My parents don't think I don't tell them okay??!!!
I didn't say too much! but I won't tell! They grow too fast!

just me for now said...

ahhh....mine is the same way...he's known what a car is for going on a year now and still, when a car goes by the house he screams "caaAAAaar!"
p.s. you didn't freak me out... whenever i do something late at night and realize the next day what i did, i kind of feel like when i used to go out and get drunk and remember the next day (sometimes well in to the day) all the stupid things i did the night before...=)

Lori said...

Are you sure Claire wasn't referring to those tight jeans you wore that day?

*running very fast while ducking and weaving*