Saturday, January 28, 2006

Change of Plans...

After surfing the internet for a while I finally found a real live art supply store that's not downtown! And, I finally found a branch library that's not too far away...our "library" is the high school library. No shit. I couldn't make that up! So...we can't use it during the week or anything because school is in session, and it's only opened for a few hours on Saturday morning. Can you believe this?!? I had read an article in the San Antonio Current about how San Antonio/Bexar County spends so little money on libraries, that there are only FIVE other places in America that spend less! That's really sad.

Anyway, Al, Claire and I were getting ready to go out and check out the library and it started pouring down rain! So we didn't go anywhere.

Then a friend asked if I would go donate blood with her...our local scrapbook shop was hosting a blood drive, and if you donated you got 25% off anything in the store. I haven't donated blood since collage but, for 25% off art stuff??? I'm there! So we met at Starbucks and chatted for a while then headed over there. I went through all the questions and stuff...even had to come up with the name of the tattoo parlor where I got my tattoo last October. I couldn't remember it. Had to call Steven. Anyway, get through all of that and I couldn't donate because my iron level is too low. Ya know, I even ate spinach on Thursday night! But damn...if I'm not getting enough benefit from it to even donate blood, I'm gonna quit eatin' that shit! It's bitter and definitely not my favorite vegetable! I'll just start taking a Flintstone vitamin every day!

I really had a lot of fun, though. It was so nice just to hang out with another adult with no kids for a change!


Lori said...

And you didn't even spend a ton of money! ROFL

vicci said...

Glad you had a good time! Does you good to get out for abit! I know what you mean about the libraries!!! It really sucks! The library here is only open 4 days a week...stupid! The dumb ass people voted to close it because they wanted to save 15 cents on the taxes!!! But...they voted a gun shop in...HUH??????

LoriLaurieLauri said...

I know Lori! I only spent like $14 there, plus $3.08 for my Chai! Of course, Steven doesn't know about the $14 yet! pppffftttt!

Vicci-Oh my gosh! Talk about twisted priorities! But, I know the same exact thing would happen here. And they wonder why so many people can't read!