Thursday, January 19, 2006

Some Old Photos I Found at the Flea Market

These are some of the favorites of the ones I found a couple of weeks ago. 1) Every little girl should have a dress she is proud to show off!
2) The thing I love about this one is the baby...bald, looking around to see what else is going on, wondering how to make an escape...reminds me so much of Ethan!

3) Not sure where this was taken, but it reminds me of Barton Springs. This one has all of their names written on the back, and the little one in the middle is named Bitsy...which is what we called Claire for the longest time, or we would sometimes shorten it to Bits. But Ethan always called her Bits. And because of his speech problem, when he would say it, it would come out sounding like "Bitch"...which turned LOTS of heads in public! lol! I can only imagine what these people thought of this mother who let her son call his baby sister "Bitch"! ha-haaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Which of course reminds me of the stage Claire went through when she had to be called "Stephanie" (from Lazy Town on Nickelodeon) and I was "Uncle" (Stephanie's uncle). Of course I would forget, and we'd be at Wal-Mart or the grocery store and I would call her Claire, and she would start screaming, "UNCLE!! I'M NOT CLAIRE! I'M STEPHANIE!" Yeah...we've had some good times...good!


vicci said...

I just love these old photos!!! How much did you have to pay for them??? They are expensive here...that photo of the baby was 1.00..most of them cost anywhere from 3.00 to 20.00...I love them..makes me think about and imagine what their lives were????

LoriLaurieLauri said...

They were $1 each. I was thinking that was a lot and I wondered if I was getting taken or something...but I'm glad that was a reasonable price.

And yeah, I wonder how people let these pictures go, and how they end up at flea markets and stuff. It's kinda sad, to me. It's not like now where everybody sends all their family and friends pictures, and nobody really wants them. lol! (well, what I mean is, I don't care about getting pictures of some girl I went to high school with kids.)

Back then, I think anyway, pictures were pretty special, and it's sad that their family doesn't have them anymore. (Reminds me I need to get ahold of my mom and dad's old pictures!)