Monday, January 30, 2006

I remember when...

I was a little young as like 3 years old, because it started when we lived in Port Arthur. We (my family) would all be outside, and my dad would send me in the house to get him a beer.

So, yesterday, Steven decides he is going to go ahead and buy the playset we have been wanting to get the kids. One of those big wood things, with the slide, swings, glider, monkey bars, a roof over the top to make a litte 'tree house' feely thing, and...a rock wall! (That part was supposed to be for Ethan but, I think Claire will like it more!) The thing is though, he has to put it together...because he is an engineer...and no one else can put it together as well as he can. (Which, let's face it, is probably true.) The problem with that is he gets sooooo frustrated! And Ethan and Claire are not helping things!

I was inside sewing, and Claire came in crying. I asked her what was wrong, and she said, "I was trying to help Daddy but I just can't stop touching everything!", and just started wailing! I felt so badly for her!

Then...ding...the little light bulb goes off in my head! I think we might actually have actual beer in the fridge-which is rare! I told Claire to follow me, and yup, we have beer. So I grabbed one and gave it to her, and told her to go give this to Daddy and tell him, "Mommy says you need to chill!" lol! So she started giggling and ran outside...and I can tell she is telling Daddy to "chill". lol! I was looking out the window and Steven saw me, held up the beer and tipped it to me and said, "Thanks!". rofl!!!

He was much more calm for the rest of the day, but I know it wasn't the beer, because he only drank half of it. I think sometimes we just need a reminder.


Odd Mix said...

Oh, how right you are!!!

When I come home from work - tired, stressed, etc. - my four kids come screaming around the corner wanting to talk, be held, have dinner, you name it. At those moments I have to make a conscious decision to A) tell them (as nicely as possible) to back off a bit because "Daddy is tired or B) decide to put the day behind my and jump in. Sometimes, to my fustration/shame/regret I choose A. But I am trying to choose B more often. Good call on the message and messenger to your husband.

In Otter Space said...

That beer was a gig giant hug. How sweet.