Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ethan's ARD

Holy cow...we were in there for 3 hours!!! It started at 1:00 and we didn't leave until 4:00!

But everyone was there...his teacher, the school counselor, the speech therapist, the reading specialist, the school psychologist and the special education person. Plus me and Steven.

We went over everything...everything he has ever done here at Wilderness Oak and in Kingwood, and all the testing the school psychologist did...which was about every test a psychologist can give-including a Rorschach ink blot test! And he very well may be dyslexic, but they aren't diagnosing him with that just yet because: 1) all of his other emotional problems and stuff may be causing some of his delays, and 2) he is a good speller. Which is not usually seen in dyslexics...BUT, he has a photographic memory...once he knows how to spell a word, he will never forget it, and he knows how to spell words up to where he should be according to his grade level, but not his age.

Anyway, he does qualify for Special Education so he will be getting lots more help at school with everything. The thing is...the IQ tests they give that are just verbal, where he doesn't really have to write things down-he tests in the high 110's to the high 120's. But, there is some kind of learning disability where he can't get things from his brain to the page, and the scores on those tests are so low, that they are bringing his overall IQ down to 105. Which is still above normal, but obviously not where is should be.

So anyway, that should all start today, and he is actually excited about it because he gets to work more one on one with the teachers who pull him out of class. I think the largest group he will be in will have 6 kids in it. I am so glad that someone finally listened to me and saw that he needed help and are doing something about it!

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