Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

This is a picture of me, Lauri, WITH RED HAIR! My hair has since turned brown (but it does get some reddish highlights in the sun). Two of my children, Allison and Ethan, both have
red hair, and I am ALWAYS getting asked about where it came from, and everyone is always astonished when I say I had red hair when I was little. Steven's family has no red hair! I am adopted so I don't know where exactly it comes from, but, I do know that Allison and Ethan got their's from ME and NOT my mother-in-law who colors her hair red! I just want some proof out there!

And...as an aside...it is VERY rude and completely inconsiderate of my and my children's feelings for people to say, "Where'd you get that red hair? The milkman?" (or insert any other random person there) Because although you may think it's really funny, and that it's the first time I've ever heard that, when you walk away my kids start asking questions that they really don't need the answers to at their young age. So I just have to explain that you, "That Idiot", to be exact, obviously has no idea about where children come from, and no, I did not get them from the milkman or the postman or whoever. So...if you must make a comment about their red hair, just tell them it is beautiful, and then please find something equally beautiful to remark about to Claire, who has brown hair. Thank you.


Tree said...

I adore red hair.
I totally get the angst for the "postman" comments. Jim, myself, Caleb and Aidan are all dark-haired and brown-eyed, so when Liam came out with white-blonde hair and blue eyes, I got tons of those comments (and still do!). Having to explain that all four of our siblings (two for me, two for him) are fair with blue eyes is getting tiring really quick.

Lori said...

Lauri, you are so awesome...ya know? You are an all around 'neat' person. I love your humor, your creativity, your love for your kids...all of it. Would you be my lesbian lover?

Ok so, I LOVE that picture of you sitting amongst the corncobs on a mini lawn chair in the back of a truck. You should do digital scrapbooking to get all your pics on disc to save.

I'm not sure you would want me to say anything to Claire...what with her intelligence and quick mouth! lol No telling what that urchin would come up with! LOL

LoriLaurieLauri said...

Lori-can we do it long distance?

Odd Mix said...

Red hair rocks!

My head is bald, but my beard is red. My wife is strawbery blond and my kids range from my son Caleb's light brown to Gabriella's copper red.

I think it is beautiful.