Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Too much 'Law & Order', perhaps?

So I'm driving the kids up to the bus stop this morning, and I see this 'thing' slumped up against the fence in an unnatural position, and a leg wearing faded blue-jeans and a white tennis shoe sticking out.

I was SURE it was a dead body!

So I get out of the car and make my way over there...by way of a big circle...lol!...but, it was only a big thing of rolled up plastic! lol! It sure did look real there in the dark, though!


vicci said...

This happened to me and my son once....only it was a real body! We looked out the living room window and saw this man just laying in the parking lot...it was cold out that night..I almost died!! Both of us walked up to him...Very...very....slow! and finally my son just went up to him...I stayed in the background..turns out it was some drunk passed out! The cops finally came and woke him up...and had him move on...it was scary! Vicci

Melissa said...

But, you didn't hear the "dead body music" so there couldn't have been one. ;)